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Zach Jenkins




Hello everyone, my name is Zach and I am a co-founder at Thrills, Chills, and Kills and Quirky Chimera Media. I am the goofiest one of the bunch yet least likely to get injured from inanimate objects. I may have the least experience in writing (as you can probably tell) I make up in creative vision (most of the time). Horror has been in my veins for as long as I have been alive. I am also an aspiring filmmaker, I have completed 2 short films already and with ideas for several more films in my warped brain of mine. My first film The Mind's Window is a 13 minute short about being locked in a space not knowing what is lurking on the outside. You can watch it on YouTube at the link below. I have another film that is fully shot but is in editing purgatory at the moment. I also make playlist stories on Spotify for fun. The Mind's Window Quirky Chimera (in maintenance) Thrills, Chills, and Kills