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Yvonne Marchese




🎤Host of the Late Bloomer Living Podcast and the Age Agitators Club for women🌻 🔥Age Agitator🔥 Bringing together women who are committed to busting through their Midlife Funk to inspire, cheer each other on, share our stories and take bold action, so that we can define and rock the next chapter of life. Not too long ago, I realized that my fear of aging was stopping me from going after my dreams. I felt like it was too late and I’d missed the boat. Now, I’m on a mission to break the cycle of that bogus story. The stories we tell ourselves can change lives… maybe not in an instant, but in laying the seeds of possibility. ✳️ Every Wednesday from 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST. “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” Get together with women who are committed to busting through that midlife funk and get over our fear of aging. Let's ditch that old story that we’re “over the hill” and reimagine what’s possible as we age. Professional Speaker 🎤 Personal Branding Photographer 📸 DM me for: 🎤 If you need a keynote speaker or panelist ❓Questions about the Midlife Uprising Community 🗣 If you need help moderating a room in Clubhouse 📸 Branding Photography”” How I n