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Gut health coach for people with IBS and autoimmune issues find the root cause. IIN Health Coach for frustrated women who can’t figure out why they’re bloated, tired, and struggling with their digestion. I help them stop looking like they’re 6-months pregnant, get out of the bathroom, & enjoy their lives without drowning in over-the-counter medications. 🍫 Chocolate lover 🍌Banana hater 📻Podcast host 🏋️Recovering couch potato 🐈Animal lover 🌿Natural health leader 🪲🧘‍♀️Gut health Coach 📸 Photographer 🙈 Addicted to self development 🕸site - 📻🎙 Podcast- Follow Your Gut with Yvonne King. Where we talk about all things natural health. Currently looking for experts in the topics of: Effects of dairy on the body SIBO Candida The microbiome Women’s health & natural methods How to heal endometriosis naturally 👋 Weekly rooms on♣️🏡 📚🧑‍🎓You Were Born Rich Thursday @ 8:00am MST