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Keith helps Introverts EVOLVE ! − to develop your highest potential & achieve the success you deserve w/ Neuroscience based programs. ☕ Buy Keith a coffee ☕ ⁞ — Achieve Greater Success Course — ⁞ 👉 👈 Keith's full bio, links, & book a Free discovery session at 🌐 🌐 ‡ ——— ABOUT KEITH ——— ‡ Founder/CEO Sawatch Solutions LLC. / NeuroYoga.Zone™ Founder of the Amazing Introvert Zone™ Founder of the "Your Brain Shift" podcast ( and the "Your Brain Shift" club on Clubhouse ⚡Sparketypes: (Primary) Maven: driven to learn. (Shadow) Maker: driven to create. TOP STRENGTHS🏋️: Maximizer Ideation Deliberative Adaptability Connectedness Mediator 👤INFP-A / HSP (Diplomat) In addition to a Success Mentor (Your Chief Success Officer), Keith is a Master Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness instructor (1000+ hours) and has committed several decades to helping people release and reverse the impact of stress in their lives to achieve maximum success and life fulfillment. Keith is a member of the American Institute of Stress and has been teaching Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness for over 40 years at Dayton, OH area institutions (Montgomery Co. Career Tech Center, The Dayton Heart Fitness Center, and Samaritan North Wellbeing Center). He has taught yoga to the touring cast of CATS ™. He is a certified “Yoga2Life”™ Mentor Life Trainer/Coach, & has a certificate in Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental, or Repeated Trauma." Experience with yoga & the treatment of anxiety & depression & he served on the Montgomery Co. Prevention Coalition and its Mental Wellness Subcommittee. Trained in Positive Intelligence. Keith is a seasoned Web/IT Developer/Designer > 2 decades for top brands (Audi, AT&T, USAF, NASA...), amateur chef, artist, photographer, musician, coffee roaster, multipotentalite... ‡ _ INTERESTS _‡ Photography📷, serigraphy, organic gardening🌱, food🍜, gourmet cooking, molecular gastronomy, music🎼, cycling🚴, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, crafting: music, audio, videos... ⁞ — Keith's Websites — ⁞™ NeuroPatterning™ Meditations: ➡️Facebook Group: