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yoppi is 🇯🇵 🙍🏻‍♀️woman. 🎹🎤🥳 Amateur musician. Singing ,whistling,piano ① 🏠IMEL 2023 April 〜 members are CH musicians 👩‍🎤👩‍🔧 I sometimes create room with my friends. Please come and listen . I made a another second house 🏠 for listers . ② happy time with yoppi 🎵2023 May〜 リスナーさんのための2rdハウスです。 This is so peaceful space for listeners ✨ I had some music session experiences in CH. cello 🎻       Mandolin       Kalimba guitar 🎸 Ukulele Piano 🎹 Drum 🥁        trombone 🎷 Whistling 😙 주 부 🇰🇷🔰 음 악 ♫💛 🇨🇳🔰我 是 日本人  🇮🇷🔰 من بسیار خوشحالم که از گذراندن وقت با مردم ایران در اینجا لذت می برم 🙏✨ 🎹🎻 piano &violin when I was a student. Piano for 8 years Violin for 6 years 演奏が心に響いたmusician の方, 継続して手厚いサポートして下さってる方、現在交流がある方をフォローing させてもらってます。 Let me follow musicians mainly who are so special to me and people who have been supporting me a lot for a long time. People who are communicating with me now, I follow them .