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Tiffany J. Norwood




Single Gentleman Athletes, You want to win on the court or field and in all aspects of life, including your relationship. Is communication difficult with your partner? Are you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, & discouraged? Is it challenging to find an emotional connection? It's unfair that the skills needed to excel in communication were not modeled to you because of being taught to suppress your emotions. I know because I've been there. I used to struggle with expressing my emotions & with the regret of my behavior. Imagine if you could feel confident, understand how to communicate your feelings better, and navigate this area of your life as you do on the field or court. Here Are 3 Steps To Win At Life: 1. Schedule A One-Hour Consultation 2. Go Through The 6-Week Playbook 3. Feel, Do, & Be Even Better I will walk you through an 8-step process to empower you with the life tools you need to improve your performance in the other very important areas of your life. Imagine: Feeling seen, heard, and understood No judgment Having ongoing support to strategic solutions without going to counseling or digging into the past Remaining anonymous Benefiting from an objective point of view When your relationship succeeds, everyone thrives around you too. And it all starts with the Why You Matter Playbook: Athletes Are Often Intense People, And It Can Be Difficult To Find The Right Balance In Relationships. What If There Is A Way To Communicate Your Feelings And Navigate Self-Control In Your Relationships? We created a 6-week Interactive & Knowledge-Based Playbook. This Playbook Helps You Effectively Express And Navigate Your Feelings Bringing Self-Control & Genuine Peace Into Your Personal Life. Imagine how good it would be to feel respected, appreciated, and aware. Imagine approaching personal situations with confidence, ease, and a plan! To learn more & to discover how to schedule a complimentary consultation with me, visit Sports Agents & Coaches: Feel free to contact me to discuss giving a gift to your team to show that you care about their total well-being. Visit: I invite you to check out my private group for men only: #menstribe