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Producer of the upcoming feature film Flatbush. Flatbush tells the story of how a small Black community stood against misinformation and xenophobia and won, which honors those that came before them and inspires the next generation. Part of Multi- Award winning filmmaker team behind the compelling and provocative love story, set in Haiti, haunted by human trafficking and gun violence, The Sweetest Girl, that is getting Oscar 2022 buzz 🏆 Best Short Film 🏆 Best Picture 🏆 Best Original Story Professor of Entrepreneurship and serial Entreprenuer 🇭🇹 Contemplated suicide @16, I changed my life by being intentional, allow me to share w/ you how to change your life for the better by being intentional & the role Representation plays in. I’m the co-screenwriter a true crime thriller, an Oscar buzz worthy short film The Sweetest Girl. Put me on your stage to guide your audience in unlocking their gifts through feasible and actionable steps What I’ve Done: * SAG Signatory Filmmaker 🎬 * Co-wrote and Produced highly anticipated short film The Sweetest Girl that pays homage to Wyclef Jean’s Discography and honors timeless Haitian proverbs. * TEDx Speaker 🗣 * Public Virtual Motivational Speaker🎙 * Impactful Spoken Word Performer * #1 Amazon Best Selling 📖 Acclaimed Author * Faculty of Entrepreneurship 📚 * Musician 🎼 * Interested in Knowledge Acquisition and Collaboration Founder of RDJA DES LLC PR/Multimedia Marketing Firm for Small Businesses, and Creatives We Serve Small Businesses, Brands (Creatives) Find & Tell Their Unique Story Intent: My intent on Clubhouse is to forge genuine relationships and build on the power of being intentional about Representation because it matters. Featured in: 📰📺 * The Wall Street Journal, * New York Daily News, * NBC * ABC * Haitian Times * Black Enterprise, * Miami Herald * South Florida Caribbean News * Philadelphia Inquirer * Reader’s Digest “Success comes with support. We only fail in this life when we fail to uplift one another” Let’s have a conversation on ig or visit #goodmanchronicles #Haitian #Brooklyn #Philadelphia #Miami Cash App $GoodmanChroniclesYD