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Xan Hong




📱CEO of ONTrac, a SMART goal content. Subject matter experts can publish and sell step-by-step action plans, called SMARTracs, for a specific SMART goal which clients can download and the tasks are automatically scheduled on their calendar. Sign up for a free account at Part of a talented and diverse cofounder team. E-mail me at [email protected] for more information. 🗣First name is pronounced San like San Diego 💻Help solopreneurs and other small business owners achieve more in less time and smaller teams by automating time consuming tasks by building them custom apps using no code. With our financing options, they can cost as little as $100/month to build. Schedule free consultation at to learn more. 🔍Scout for Million Labs. MLabs writes checks $10-50k at the Super Early Seed stage to founders building using no-code. If you’re a no-code founder with customer validation looking for investment to build your MVP, DM me. 💵Entrepreneur for 15+ years with $10 million+ revenue generated. Raised $800k for previous venture that failed. 🛒Expertise in digital marketing, building in no-code, and e-commerce. 🍦Helped my 8-year-old daughter build her ice cream truck locator mobile app idea in the no-code platform Bubble. It was named App of the Day by Bubble! 🤖Leverage automation and virtual assistants to run drop shipping sites that generate six figure passive income stream. 🎲Developed an educational board game for people with severe mental illness with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with a previous startup. People still randomly sell units on eBay many years later. 🏠Independent insurance agency minority owner (still licensed in life, health, property, casualty) 👟UPenn Men’s Track & Field Alumni (6.62s 55m, 11.34s 100m, 51.0s 400m) 🎓MSEd from University of Pennsylvania 🇺🇸