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Team builder @ Tapestri Tapestri is a service that runs alongside the other apps in your phone's background. Tapestri primary purpose is to collect anonymous location data of smartphone users who agree to their terms and install the app. Nowadays, almost every app is tracking your data, which they may or may not mention in the Terms & Conditions that everyone agrees to without reading thoroughly. The most impressive thing about Tapestri is that they don’t bury themselves deep behind the “Terms & Conditions.” Besides, most apps even sell your data for billions of dollars, without giving you a single penny. That’s where Tapestri comes into the spotlight. The service clearly mentions that it is going to collect your data and sell it to other parties, but will pay you a good amount for that. Our tagline is “It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It”. Ask me about the affiliate program that has more value to offer for less. Connect with me on IG, I will have more info over there. ———————————————— I have rooms on clubhouse every Friday at 9 pm est. Called The Money Club. Come learn two guarantee ways to earn extra money 💴 💴💴💴💴💴. ———————————————— Here’s a link to my online dispensary. ———————————————— If i am going to network with you, I am going to help you earn some extra money in your pocket. ———————————————— I am one of the coolest guys you will meet on the app period. ———————————————— Die hard Green Bay packers fan Die hard Los Angeles Lakers fan ———————————————- I DO NOT CONSENT TO BE RECORDED ON THIS APP ———————————————— If you want to learn how to make extra money, message me and I will send you the links so you can earn some extra cash 💰 💴💴💴