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Wynoami Glasser




Your Guide through the Intuitive Rebellion ————— I am an intuitive guide obsessed with helping you remember your genius ————— You are a powerful creator with a birthright of abundance Your gifts need to be poured out onto our human family ————— We are in The Great Remembering: a technological and spiritual renaissance ————— The Guru is dead —————- Your intuition can and must be trusted to lead you to your most abundant and beautiful life —————- Ritual is the Path. Pleasure is the Purpose. —————- Here to help you: ✨Heal your Mother Wounds ✨Decondition your mind from oppressive belief paradigms ✨Reconnect with your Intuitive Genius ✨Restore integrity to your daily life ✨Connect more deeply in your relationships ✨Generate clear boundaries around your energy ————— I AM: 52% French-German 39% West African (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra-Leone) 7% Congolese 2% Filipino and Native American INTJ 7 Life Path (Intuitive) Enneagram 7 (The Enthusiast) 🌅Leo🌞Aquarius🌑Virgo Human Design Intuitive Projector 🎂Bday Jan 23 Current hometown: 🇺🇸Tulsa, OK 💕Mother to a daughter ❤️Wife to my Rock 🖤Friend to all 👯‍♀️Friend collector 🎬Jake Gyllenhaal obsessed 🎤Beyoncé is my spirit guide Fave deities: 👑Oshun 👑Oya 👑Kali Ma 👑Isis Animals: 🐼Panda 🦅Hawk 🦄Unicorn DM on IG to say hi! Love to connect with you Telegram @wynoami $Wynoami