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Josef Jebavy



🇨🇿🇬🇧 ⚔ freelance IT consultant 🗡 Fitness&health and carrier consultant. First Czech user registered via Android. I am contributor to Houseclub software. 🧠 Do you have open mind? FOLLOW me! 📍 second account! I am boomer = třicet mě už bylo. Successful handsome man. 196cm 🖤 💻💰Linux admin & SW developer & DevOps & IoT & lector 🎯 lifeguard 🗺 🚙🏝Traveler, nomad 🏰Living in Krkonoše 🏋‍♀️fitness 🚴‍♀️ cycling 🎿ski 🏊‍♀️ swimming Fitness portal: 🍓🍌foodie🍎🍽 life hacker 🥋 I like nature. ☎ I use clubhouse without iPhone! ♟ How use clubhouse on Android? Search on Youtube: clubhouse how to install on android My users love PC because use Linux. 💽💾💿 Safe backup from ransomware: 💌 Contact me via email: clubhouse(at) 📝 Blog: 🎥 YouTube: Please subscribe! Twitter: @josefjebavy LinkedIn: Instagram: josefjebavy I used technologies: Linux🐧, Nette, Symfony, BTRFS, Proxmox, ISPConfig📯, Python🐍, Java☕, Docker🐋, Podman, RasberryPI🍓, Arduino, ESP8266, Wireless📡, security, encrypt🔒, blockchain