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Hanna Yrjänä




i don’t know how to help you build your influence on social media, gain more followers, monetize your clubhouse or make your business grow. ✨ i can’t promote myself to save my life and networking is exhausting. i’m also not here to empower women into becoming girlbosses. however, i’m a champagne socialist🥂who’s got a master’s degree in social work, now aspiring for a PhD. some topics i looove having and hearing conversations about: • philosophy (of social science). • radical democracy. • politics. • social justice and struggle towards liberation beyond liberal woke olympics. • urban studies. also fascinated by space. i would have become an astronomer if i didn’t have dyscalculia.🪐 i guess that’s why my pseudo ass got into astrology instead🔮 i’m here to listen and learn, i’ll say something when my impostor syndrom allows me to, hehe. based in stockholm, sweden.