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Just a woman living in the Corporate and Creative worlds | CEO of Winstrategics | CEO Laurel Hill Productions | CEO Rose Smalls Brown Initiative| Chief Operations Officer advising Uthinkindigo - Think Tank | Producer of The Shelia New Comedy Show _______________________________________ 🛑Experienced Chief Operating Officer 🛑Experienced Chief Financial Officer 🛑Experienced in business operations, Strategic activities, compliance, emergency preparedness, IT Marketing and Training, and the development of Standard Operations Procedures 🛑Experienced health care professional 🛑Experienced in Emergency Preparedness and implementing cyber security Programs 🛑Public and Mental Health Program Development and Communications Specialist 🛑Experienced grant writer and reviewer 🛑Writer|Screenwriter|Poet|Songwriter🥰 _______________________________________ 🟢BA| Clemson University 🟢MPH| Tulane University School of Public Health 🟢Juris Doctorate (Law Degree)| Loyola University 🟢UCLA Johnson and Johnson Healthcare Executive Program ——————————————————— CEO of WinStrategics We can help you solve complex operational issues and improve your revenue. Contact me for a free consultation. CEO of Laurel Hill Productions We bring stories to life. @laurelhillproductions (IG) CEO of The Rose Smalls Brown Initiative Through this initiative we create socially innovative (social entrepreneurship) projects to enhance the well-being of the community. We have a focus on public health and policy issues that improve and promote community well-being. @rsbi2016 ( IG) Vice President of uThinkindigo Visit to learn about The Indigo Approach and purchase a copy of the book. Author of books-Available on Amazon Thirty Days of Inspiration Dating is for the Birds Founder of the Clubs: Conversations on the Edge The Creative’s Chair