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Cairo Dey




(KY' ROE) 👑1st I am Me✨ Qweenly Co. Founder / Bad Ass Strategy Coach / Chatter Box Lover of All Things Unknown By Everyday People Like Equity and true Privacy. I'll take Gold any day 🍯🍀Romantically❤️‍🔥 involved with the internet and other ways to use it! 🌀Build a world we all comprehend and we have real access to uncensored information, but sectioned off for the safety of the children. 🌀 Mostly Bubbly& Bright. I ❤️LOVE meeting new people! Love Sci-Fi Movies -💜 purple period 🟣 🛑 SIGN UP FOR THE NEWS LETTER 💌 + Weekly Deals✨ 🌀 Obsessed with making something new (tangible)💎 🌀 True Alchemist Spiritual Innovator 🔮 I am tapped in to the electric current!🗝️ Indigenous 💟🆓💛🆙💜Infinite Peace♾️💚☮️ Feminine Energy Rising♀️🚺 💎 Strategy Coaching? We love to win💎Find me @qweenlyco 🌐 🌀 LinkedIn/IG/FB let's exchange recommendations and Google reviews or 🎙️podcast interview🎙️ 🌀 Qweenly Co., adds value to your company by helping you to be a ❤️‍🔥 #BossBabe We Innov8 Her 💜launch your company or tangible product💜 🟣Train your team 🟣 Concept/Build your branding 🟣Write and self-publish your own books 🟣Create content 🟣Create your own products 🟣Build a store 🟣Launch a store 🟣Hire great software teams 🟣Launch your podcast 🟣Teach you HOW to create content 🟣Light Automation 🟣Create a course 🟣Make content 🟣Product creation 🟣Product development strategies 🟣Network your britches off 🟣Hire Cyber Security Apprentices 🟣Monetize 🟣Become a bass add😜! BECOME... with 🗓️Qweenly Co. ☎️Free 15 mins 🌀 💰Cash App @$qweeniebot 💳 🪙 We take BTC Cryptocurrency💛 PayPal , Zelle , Stripe and and some barter! 🌀 📚"Powerful Words" Authored by Cairo Qween *on Amazon* 📚"Oxygen"-republishing 📚"Humanity vs. Untamed Technologies", in pre-sale! 🌀 🏆Awarded by the State Of Georgia for my Tech Awareness in 2014 🌀 🏆Awarded for Blockchain Awareness: Atlanta Blockchain Week 2019 🌀 🛒Amazon store 🌀 + I 💜 Texas ❤️‍🔥If you are in Dallas and cool( +sane) let's be friends! 🌀 🤖boop boop beep 0100101010 and still elevating people to a higher vibration🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏽🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️♏, check the frequency! There is information in all things and experiences♾️ intergalactic meditation 💜 Contrary to popular belief, I do not know everything! I am constantly elevating and I love new and real information 💥 🎤Yes, I do public speaking for a fee💲!