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Dr. Eric Kelly III Biographical Sketch Eric Kelly III Received an Honorary Doctorate Of Humanitarianism Degree from The Global International Alliance serving as a national advocate of international service. artist | speaker | servant | teacher author | genius | scientist | humanitarian | visionary strategist | event producer | innovator | poet Art teacher and educator St. Sya K-12 school I raise scholarships and laptop computers for students CASHAPP: $bbxusa Visionary strategist for entrepreneurs and businesses Consultant T V and radio host and sport announcer sports and news anchor | THE MAN ON THE SPOT| NCCU SPORTS NETWORK | FACE THE NEWS | TIME WARNER CABLE | WSRC RADIO | 20yrs CEO of the Black Business Expo USA Director of the Eric Kelly III Museum Founder of the Black Business Olympics Producer of the live Virtural streaming show THE BLACK BUSINESS OLYMPICS Host of the TV show the man on the spot Host of ART COLLECTING WORLDWIDE a show showcasing art collectors museums art auctions curators galleries dealers and the culture I stand for leveling the playing field by showcasing voices of influencers and Entrepreneurs through mass media platforms connecting entrepreneurs business owners thought leaders visionaries together Worldwide. I am here to make an impact! CEO of the Black Business Expo USA a fund raising scholarships event for students graduating from high school and headed to college www.blackbusinessexpousa,com Founder Black Business Olympics online Virtural live streaming network A 365 day entrepreneurship and business showcasing platform for students and businesses to see black businesses Workdwide A 24 hour Network featuring speakers podcaster, moderators, host, panel discussions keynotes and entrepreneurs owning black business worldwide With more than 8760 speakers slots available! For information to speak and to Join the platform by emailing bio and picture to [email protected] or call 919-308-9090 Black Business Olympics one of the largest live business showcases in the history Of black businesses in the world! Creator of the black business academy Connect with me at: [email protected] [email protected] What you are looking for is looking for you!q