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WORLD CHAPLAIN | H.I.M 🤴🏿 Devotee minister, of the American Royal Family, His Imperial Majesty Dr. Lawiy-Zodok Shamu-El, is a noologist or natural spiritual guide and Grand Sheik (Sheikh). As a World Citizen, and minister of the global village, H.I.M is known as Honorable Larry Shelton. The World Congregation is led by the World Chaplain of the World Temple Ministries and the Chaplaincy as a young elder for our global Central Solutions Office. Operated by the global religious family office Shelton Estate & Co. And the House of Shamuel a global religious trust association. Dr. Lawiy is also the curator for the smart city Nu University, Texas a political subdivision of the Moorish Science Temple. The chaplain is the fund manager for the Nibiru Pool, and the Chaplaincy Fund, a global fund of funds as a registered Regulation D investment pool. As the Chancellor and a World Leader appointed to maintain peace throughout the global village. Dr. Lawiy proposes as a goodwill ambassador of the Global Village to fund any indigenous peoples of peace Sustainable Development Goals and all genuine projects through our Holy Temple Mission called the Nous Project registered as United Nations SDG Action No. 27655. The world's most suppressed project for the people by the people. Dr. Lawiy is the author of the Clear Vision Scroll, the Templist Scroll, New Ethiopian Order Codex, World Currency White paper, and the US Director for the World Leaders Forum (TWLF HQ) & much more. The chaplain is a spiritual guide, bitcoin smart contract expert and private family advisor here for all people of the Global Village and ministers of the Chaplaincy. The first priority is all divine and indigenous kindred. Negus Shemsizedek, Rudwaan, & Kakael are a few names the chaplain is ascribed by the Global Village as the general solutionist of the Noocratic Society. 📍Houston, Texas ✊🏿 1st Noologist©®™🥋 Atlantean Royalty👑 American National 🇲🇦 Zodok Royal Family©®™👽 Cashapp💰$WorldTemple Youtube📺 @Shemsizedek Visit the Holy See of Nun 🌐 Visit the World Chaplaincy 🌐 Visit the Global Family Office 🌐 Visit the Global Trust Assoc. 🌐 #NEO