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Micah Blumberg




I have 3 primary goals in life that define everything I focus on. 1. build nervegear the ultimate bci 2. build artificial cortex to expand human cognition 3. build sentient artificial brains with artificial souls I research Neuroscience, Neurophysics, and Computational Biology I study and design Artificial Neural Networks I write medical imaging software. I write about advanced technologies (like VR AR AI BCI Crypto etc) My special focus makes me a rare person who for example can discuss the overlap between Numenta, Neuralink, and Neurophysics (Brainwaves & Oscillations for example) and NerveGear. I also research disease so I like to talk about cancer, heart disease, cardiology, immunology, Car T cell therapy, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, especially interested in the overlap and contrasts between diseases, and how they affect cognition, and action. I co-created software for neuroimaging (EEG in VR). I write code for virtual reality, augmented reality, and brain computer interfaces. I build 3D UI UX in AR and VR. I host code meetups, code groups, and neuroscience tech talks. I have hands on experience with brain computer interface hardware, and also electrical stimulation devices, including many different EEG devices, multiple FNIRS devices, EKG, EIT, TDCS, TAC. I also study physics, quantum physics, astrophysics, gravity, general relativity, the observer effect. I also study advanced mathmatics, category theory, type theory, set theory, differential calculus, fluid dynamics, etc