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Britt Jones




WOMAN ENJOYING THE JOURNEY, SHARING WHAT WORKS, WHILE TRYING TO STAY IN HIS WILL. ⭐ 💗 🔸️Living and being INTENTIONAL 💗 Independent MARY KAY BEAUTY CONSULTANT 🔸️Living BELOW my means and focusing on FAMILY LEGACY while sharing gems. ✳FOCUS AREAS✳ ➡️ACADEMIC ADVISING for Grade School, Tween, and Teen Students ➡️Former Interviewer for THE GATES SCHOLARSHIP ➡️Experienced in Conducting FAMILY "Team" Mtgs. to Create SOLUTIONS ➡️FRUGAL LIVING - Family of 5 ➡️"Beginning with the end in mind" -Dr. Stephen R. Covey ➡️PUBLIC SPEAKING to Connect, Inform, Inspire, and Entertain ➡️JOHN MAXWELL TEAM Member ➡️Finding solutions while using a POWERCHAIR 🧑🏾‍🦼 ➡️Advising businesses on ADA ♿ issues Likes: MARY KAY SKIN CARE, Positive vibes, Engaging Bible Study, Cookies, Microsoft Teams, Mortuary Science, All things skincare, Using my phone to save a buck, Encouraging others to SOAR B.A. - Biology M.S. - Management (Organizational Development and Leadership) 🔹️Wife & Mom 🔹️Wheelchair/Powerchair user 🔹️I like meal PLANNING...Cooking...not so much.😉