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🙏❤️WELCOME TO MY PAGE💖🙏 *Life Coach V K Chaudhry Country: India B.textiles,MBA 🕵🏻‍♂️Motivational Speaker for Schools, colleges, Universities, Professional institutions, Corporate training in Self-development topics 🙏GOAL IS TO CHANGE 1,00000 PEOPLE LIVES. ❤️121 & Group Coaching 🙏I love talking about the Topics. 1.Inspiration/ Motivation for all 2. The transformation from inside out 3. Leadership & Personal growth 4. Positive mindset creates Miracles 5. Become a fitness lover emotionally, Physically & spiritually 6. Throw away depression & suicidal thoughts from your life 7. Power of Gratitude 8. Affirmations make us a great success 9. Public speaking 10. Anger management 11. Habits play a very important in our life 12. Parenting Tips 13. How we can be Mr Perfect? 14.🕰️Time management is Success 15.Textiles Consultant: 40+ YEARS EXPERIENCE 16. ❤️How do you make your best relationship ?❤️ 17. Stop distraction Start focusing. 18. Live Happier & Healthier life 19.Self belief+confidence= Transformation gives you another Level 20. Make your morning Rituals 21.Define your Goals 22. How to step up one by one in your life 23. Make your Success Team 24. Work & Life balance ❤️DREAMS ARE FREE SO DREAM BIG 🏂No Plan B in life 🛩️CH-Super Duper Mindset mindset founder:810+ To educate rural students all over world 6 pm one hour daily👍 🌹Let us work together to make this world a better place. YOU ARE A DESTINY MAKER 🌹Founder of Super Duper mindset & Learn Hindi & English 🙏1000+ members 💐*Blogger:390+ Motivational blogs on 🔥Podcaster:192+Episodes 🌈 YouTuber: 440+Videos ✈️Travelled to Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, China, Bangladesh, 🛩️ Youtube: Mail-- [email protected] Website: 🐽Author: LOVE YOUR LIFE +++ AMAZON Kindle eBook Links: India: The US and all other Countries: .🙏BEST IS YET TO COME🙏 EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE 👍 📖Life long learner(LLL) Facebook: 👩‍🍳Food lovers can subscribe to my lovely wife's channel Podcaster: As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable. *I have read 60 books in the last 3.5 years. It helped me to understand positively impact in my life.