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Who do you need to BE to be unstoppable? What would be possible for you if you were? If you’re a world-changing woman who wants to learn more about being your best self, download “BEING UNSTOPPABLE” via my IG bio link. IN BRIEF 🌟 Inside-out Leadership Coach 🎙 Women on a Mission Show Podcast Host 🔔 Women on a Mission Clubhouse Host MY MISSION: I am on a mission to STOP women playing small so they can create the legacy they want to leave in the world. I love to disrupt the unhelpful thinking that holds us back so we can think, dream and BE bigger in leading the change we want to see. My clients are ambitious, impact-driven women, who want to lead with confidence, increase their impact and live a life that matters. I am a regular media contributor, a guest lecturer in personal leadership and an experienced Non-Executive Director & Board Member. 🙏 Best compliment (so far!): “I was looking for someone whose delivery rams a fist down the throats of people & gives their heart a good squeeze... and I thought of you.” TO CONNECT (all links 🔗 in IG bio): 🏡 Join my Club: Women on a Mission (first logo on left, below) 💗 Join the Women on a Mission Facebook Group 📒 Download Your Mission Matters ☕️ COFFEE, GROW & GO: Join me, with my fabulous co-hosts - Jay Manning, Ruqayya Daville & Kate Young. 0800 Mon | Weds | Fri FAVOURITE TOPICS: ✳️Mission and living a life that matters ✳️Being in flow in your mission ✳️Mindset mastery ✳️Personal leadership & impact ✳️Personal development & growth WHO AM I? 💗30 years coaching experience... STILL the best role in the world! 👩‍⚕️Career in clinical leadership | public sector leadership | complex change management & project delivery 🎓MHSM and LL.M(LAMP) 🧐11+ years experience in Non-Exec/Board Member roles 🧠 NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner 🪄Ninja skills in curiosity and asking weird questions (allegedly!) 🎾 Former Tennis Writer - ByTheMinSport 🎤 Semi-pro singer 👣 Reflexologist 🐈‍⬛ Butler to two felines 📍Cardiff, UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧 📱