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friends [she/her/your highness/sis] STL✈️BOS✈️ Born at 11:11 AM Life Path 11 Leo🌞Taurus🌕Libra↗️ Leo🌡️ Aries 🔴 Venus 👯‍♂️ Jupiter 👯‍♂️ “Imagine and Initiate” Club Founder✳️ “Morning Affirmations for Da Culture” Maven ✨ Curator of "It’s LITerature Bookclub” 📚 Cash app me $gobigmoneyy ❓AskMeAbout❓ -Black Literature -Surviving Rape -End Cash Bail -Abolish Police -Womanism vs. Feminism -Allostatic Load -Battle rap -Weight loss -Black Liberation Theology -Pawnee and Caddo Tribes -Politics -DEI -Nappy headed, Black Jesus -Inner child healing -estudiar español 🌟Favorite Hashtags🌟 #EndCashBail #DefundThePolice #BlackGirlMagic #BlackBoyJoy #TryJesusNotMe #Transrights [email protected]