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🗣 In 2 words: 🗣 🧠 I’m a Multidimensional creature, with many interests and countless passions. I belong to a tribe of fired up, vibrant “Renaissance women” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not programmed to do just one thing in life. I’m a serial, pragmatic, multidimensional Entrepreneur 🧠 🔥🌚Founder of🌚🔥 🌍 Métissage Sangue Misto WebMag: 🗣 Métissage Sangue Misto Community Lounge on TELEGRAM: @metissagesanguemisto 📌Quarry CVO Entrepreneur 📌Taphonomy Antropologist 📌Blogger about Mixed-BI-Multi-Racial & Identity 📌 Senior Cultural & Developmental Mentor I’m an 👣 Edgewalker 👣 I don’t destroy walls. I build bridges on Cultural Diversity 🗣️Cultural Diversity Management 🗣️BI-MULTICultural Mentor 🗣️Developmental & Educational Mentor 📚 🗣️ STEM Professional 🧨Minning⛏️ 🗣️ Biological Anthropology ☠️☠️