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Jelisa Payton




✨Mindset Coach ✨ 👻 I teach women and single mothers how to transform their mindset to love and value themselves+heal after a toxic relationship. 💈 💈 Through all that Pain there is PURPOSE for you. Let me tell you my story...🧡 I left a 9 year toxic relationship 4 months after giving birth. I’ve been able to RE-REDEFINE and RE-DISCOVER who I am! I have tapped into my Power by spending time in solidarity where I have began peeling back the layers of healing to transform my life! 👭🏽Let me help you heal your abandonment wound by connecting with your inner child so that you too can begin showing up as the whole and healed women you desire to be. 🧀 Your adulthood doesn't have to consist of an unconscious journey for your inner wounded child to seek comfort through toxic relationships. Are you ready to BREAK-FREE from the toxic cycle? 🧶SELF-LOVE IS THE NEW RELATIONSHIP GOALS 👑 Founder of With Love, Jelisa Payton {Our mission is to empower, mentor and strengthen women and single mothers through coaching and workshops who have survived a toxic relationship. Self-love, Mental Health and Faith are core values that are important to us.} Mental Health Expert, breaking the STIGMA within the black community by hosting a Forum of topics surrounding mental health that focuses on educating the black community. #BoyMom🧸 #Mompreneur #WomanofGod #MSWarrior 💥Fun Facts: I have a loud laugh. I love to tell jokes. I enjoy talking to myself in the mirror(prepares me for speaking events). 🍃 Aspiring Herbalist (Plants HEAL) 🌿🍎 Vegan 🍏Certified School Counselor ⌛️Volunteer Youth/Adult Facilitator for a local nonprofit 📖Blogger + Influencer 🎙Empowerment Speaker Ping Me In Rooms To Speak on: 👉🏽Relationships 👉🏽Mental Health 👉🏽Self-Love/Care 👉🏽Single Motherhood 👉🏽Health & Wellness 🎓 Wilmu: Masters of Education in School Counseling 🎓 SU: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Early Childhood Education Certified 🎗Memberships: ✔️American School Counseling Association ✔️American Counseling Association 🔌DM “Connect” to collaborate on a project