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Winn Claybaugh




I’m an author, speaker, podcast host, and Dean/Cofounder/Co-owner of Paul Mitchell Schools with 100+ locations and 15,000+ students attending. Since 2004, we’ve raised $22 million for a variety of causes. You’ll never see negativity on my social media: I use my platform to spread the “Be Nice” message of kindness and positivity, and to create a safe place where everyone feels like they belong. 🎧Podcast Host: – 1M+ downloads I’ve had a podcast for 20+ years – long before the term existed. I’ve interviewed 400+ beauty and business professionals, artists, educators, and mentors, including Vidal Sassoon, Gary Sinise, Fran Drescher, Tim Storey, Tabatha Coffey, Patrice Washington, Leeza Gibbons, Dr. Daniel Amen, and others who tell their stories and share their wisdom about the beauty industry, sex trafficking and domestic violence, leadership, health and fitness, creating a healthy workplace culture, and more. 📖Author: Be Nice (Or Else!) A book about being nice? I don’t think there’s a more important message! 🎙Motivational Speaker: I’ve spent over 10,000 hours on stages around the world, helping people build businesses and create successful cultures. I’m passionate about topics related to culture, leadership, empowering people, and how not to be a jerk. 👨‍👨‍👧Core Values: Family First My top priorities are being a great husband, son, and dad to my 9-year-old little girl. I was the classroom parent four years in a row while running my company full-time. I’ve been clean from drugs for 19 years, and sober from alcohol for over 3 years. Sobriety is my super-power! ❤️My Passions: Inspiring & Uplifting People I’m driven by integrity, honesty, giving back, and helping others. I’m a connector and contributor who builds lifelong relationships and tries to make the world a better place. ↗️My Journey: I’ve been in the professional beauty industry for over 38 years but I’ve never been a hairdresser. (I don’t even have hair myself!) I barely graduated from high school and never went to college. I started my company in 1983 with one salon, and then a beauty school. In addition to my role and ownership in Paul Mitchell Schools, I’m a cofounder of Salty Dawg Pet Salons, with many locations coming soon.