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William Minton




Learner | Educator | Founder @ Canopy Canopy is an all-in-one platform for learning designers who want to create engaging, self-paced courses. Unlike pre-covid learning platforms that rely on users to assemble activities from a fragmented array of external apps, Canopy offers built-in access to a suite of multimedia tools for learners to engage with material, demonstrate learning, and discuss ideas. Canopy is also built to amplify educator expertise by allowing any organization or individual to become their own digital curriculum publisher. Canopy is an official Google for Education Partner and one of the only EdTech products to integrate directly with Canva. Learn more at: _____ I spent the 2015-16 school year traveling and writing about top-ranked schools around the world. Former: - Math & Social Studies teacher - Non-profit founder - Instructional coach - Public sector consultant serving schools, districts, non-profits, and municipal governments My most active social is LinkedIn. Connect with me there! You can also DM me through the CanopyEd IG below. Scrolling the posts there will give you an idea of my ideas and values. Occasionally relevant paper qualifications: BA - Politics & Philosophy BS - Economics Masters in Public Administration