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William Makell




William is an accomplished speaker, trainer, and executive leadership coach with demonstrated success across the military, government, corporate, technology and aviation industries. Leveraging extensive experience in program management for military organizations, he is a valuable resource for companies requiring enhanced skills with leading workforce recruiting & retention, diversity & inclusion strategic development, workplace culture improvement and leveraging technology. He is equally skilled at coaching and training for clients seeking assistance with business development, communications, crisis management, resiliency and productivity improvement and has spoken and trained at national conferences across the country. As an executive, William has advised three different Commandants [CEOs] of the Coast Guard on cultural and gender issues and led a team that drastically reduced sexual assault against women by 33% over a two-year period. He has provided diversity strategy training and enhanced diversity leadership skill sets across the country. And after 33 years of service as an officer leading up to 1,400 people and decorated helicopter pilot rescuing mariners in distress at sea, William now thrives on utilizing his skills helping leaders create sense out of uncertainty in their lives and business to achieve targeted high impact results. William relates to leaders at all levels and has worked with organizations across the country. People have stated “He has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives! And, the best thing is that William comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others!” His motto, “You can fly higher than you ever dreamed possible” is a testament to his belief and real-life example of resilience and perseverance as he triumphed over several remarkable challenges to attain the highest levels of leadership. Furthermore, William has earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree, is a Georgetown University certified Leadership Coach, Prosci Change Management Practitioner, Certified Diversity Professional as well as the recipient of two national awards and earned the Coast Guard’s Legion of Merit Medal.