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WiLy’O W.Charles Jr




Currently a Freelancer etc Film Mate in Partnerships with Relationships 🎬✨ 🎥 Film Industry Workers ' Synch Artist 🕶✨ Soundcloud and Youtube Gangsta of Love WiL'O ( Motion Films - Television Commercials, TV Shows ‘ Theater etc Video Games ) Pronoun of WiLy’O: HE HE, open to Travel and move around where we’re Stationed to Film etc 😎🌎🌍🌏🪐✨Film Warriors • Film Industrial Actartist ✌️😂✨ • Quality in Quantity ‘ ✊ONE☝️✨ * Students of Film Industry Productions exploring with Life • ACTOR • FILM PRODUCTION Crew ‘ Synch Artist • Assistant Director • Soundtracks • Music Coach still in Journey open to Studies of Life etc Elements of Film Productions. • Music Therapist • Rapper/Singer/Emcee/Host • Backstage • Elements of Film and Entertainment Television Business w/ Video Games • Show Biz with Hollywood • Mafia Films|Gangsta Movies ‘ Comedy, Drama ‘ Documentaries etc Romance, Family Shows etc Open Content and Censored. • Work Behind Scenes with Productions • Music Tracks • V.O Artist • Writer • Scene Choreography • Commercial Jingles • Forward Developments in Film Industry • Wardrobe Greetings: I’m a Film Industry Artist ‘ Gangsta of Love WiLy’O de Cabalistic Wilbert Charles Jr. ‘ a Community Man about Homie Coogin etc lively Hood ‘ life lived is as interchanging as Births and Funerals etc yet whomsoever know it all. Life somewherever, I’m into nature etc moments with love ones. Experiencing Life as days occur while whatever to do in life with Life, and whatever we're not bout ' here we are. While pooping are situations, that's also nature, yet whatever definitions are of it all here we are. I'm open to adventuring with exploring in Arts of life etc. Kicking it with who rock with me etc Life just about Me while whatever days rolling with are whatever Documents Elements of Film Production with the Arts etc Boo Love stuff. Fashion etc included like Jet Ski Cruising humoring Melodic Therapeutics ‘ yet whatever you're into when life not just about ME. we Host ✊😂✨ #soundcloud info ‘ Gangsta of Love WiLy’O de Cabalistic. Shout outs Film Ancestral etc Tree of Life