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🖤 ABOUT ME: 💰Using NFTs to save the Galápagos Islands, ask me how ( — Twitter @ECClubNFT) 🧠 Full-Time Researcher and 5th year PhD Candidate in Neuroscience 👩‍🔬 Woman in STEM. 💻 Part-Time Social Media Strategist and Content Creator. I focus on building a real online community with accessible knowledge, tips, and tricks to succeed on Instagram. 📱 ✈️ Part-Time Traveller. I focus on sustainable, ethical, and local-oriented travel. I love to share tips and tricks to make travel more accessible to all. 🌎 CLUBHOUSE ROOMS: ✳️ Open to co-moderating on topics related to: social media, Instagram, travel, expat life, photography, neuroscience, psychology, mental health, women in STEM. EXTRAS: 🇪🇸 🇨🇦 🇵🇱 I am a Polyglot (I speak 4 languages fluently): Spanish English French and Polish. Also a Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts and an ex-Figure Skater and Figure Skating Instructor. Let’s be friends and connect! Join me at @whereisangiee on Instagram! [email protected] 💰 Want to buy me a coffee? My PayPal username is: whereisangiee 💰