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Wendy Kleinke




💫 Helping growing coaching programs to increase client lifespan, stabilize your business and improve overall engagement 💫 Founder of Coaches and Consultants Club on Clubhouse. Be sure to join if this of interest to you 💜 ———————Freebie——————— Curious if client retention might be a problem for you? Grab this free checklist to see some of the hidden ways client retention shows up. You may be surprised. ——————-Who I Help——— I work with established coaching programs- especially corporate escapees-to structure their business for maximum results. You can’t follow the corporate model in a coaching program. It doesn’t work. —————— My Focus—————— I’m laser focused on helping you retain your clients ✨engagement ✨programs ✨community ✨referrals Engagement is more than likes and comments. It’s more than conversation. Your engagement will determine your ad costs. Your programs are relevant to your retention. Creating community is relevant to engagement and referrals. You are leaving money on the table without it. Referrals-who doesn’t want referrals??? It’s not about having the perfect referral program. It’s about building an experience that speaks for itself. —————My Mission—————— 💐 Help coaches get the best results possible for THEIR clients, resulting in greater impact. ——————About me—————— 🙌 all things coaching I love exercise 💪 weights 🧘🏻‍♀️yoga 🥾hiking 📖 reading 💫 personal development junkie 👯‍♀️ girl mom 🐾dog mom 🎙podcaster —————— My Story —————— My background includes work at the corporate level, small business, memberships, hospitality, research and building coaching programs. 🌸Coach 🌸Business Owner 🌸Corporate Work-Fortune 50 company 🌸Hospitality 🌸Cardiac Research —————-I’m looking for———— 💜1:1 clients 💜 Meaningful connections 💜 Speaking opportunities 💜 Collaborators 💜 CH moderating opportunities ———————Freebie——————— Check out the symptoms of a client retention problem Want more information about a comprehensive solution? Let’s chat!