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Wendy Morris




🌐 Leading change in a complex world  Leadership Development Coach & Facilitator  🏆 Award winning Founder of the Creative Leadership Studio 3 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS 💎 Stewarded successful 3-year pilot of a multi-million dollar initiative to advance racial equity in government  🕸️  Collaborated with 4 global networks for change: 💥 Human Systems Dynamics Institute 💥 Art of Hosting Network 💥 Presencing Institute 💥 Center for Purposeful Leadership 🌟 Facilitated 500+ programs at cutting-edge leadership centers in North America, Europe & Asia WHAT I’M UP TO NOW ✨ HSD Essentials - piloting an online learning program for wise action when everything keeps shifting / Human Systems Dynamics / HSD New thinking arises at the intersections between different fields and cultures. These intersections are the birthplace of innovation. Let’s connect around… 🗝  6 Key domains that inform my work and life: 🗝️ COLLECTIVE CHANGE frameworks for uncertain, unpredictable and complex conditions - Human Systems Dynamics, Theory U... 🗝️ MINDFULNESS * SOMATIC AWARENESS * EMBODIMENT 19,000 hours of practice 🗝️ COLLABORATING ACROSS DIFFERENCES - Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator  🗝️ HOSTING CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER - led 200+ dialogue events around challenging issues 🗝️ CREATIVE APPROACHES TO ORGANIZATIONAL & COMMUNITY INNOVATION - strategy /creative placemaking / creative community development  🗝️ POWERFUL QUESTIONS spark insight - ICF certified coach ✅ Fun Facts - Which one of these statements is NOT true? [Answer below]  🌀 I’m related to two famous cartoon characters - Betty Boop & Popeye’s girlfriend Olive Oyl 🌀 I had a job as a “Naive Resource” where my only responsibility was to ask dumb, obvious questions in industries I knew nothing about  🌀 I spent 6 weeks in complete silence  🌀 I danced with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York at Lincoln Center 🌀 As a teenager I used to hitchhike up and down the west coast of Malaysia  🌀 My favorite childhood toy was a matryoshka nesting doll given to me by a Russian cosmonaut ✅ Which of the above statements is not true? I did not spend 6 weeks in complete silence - I spoke for 15 minutes every few days