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Wendi Cherry




Author | Radio Show Host & Producer | Certified Integrative Health Coach (IIN) | The Shit.   📕Get my inspirational, interactive memoir about my adoption and healing journey #FromJerZtoMe 👶🏽Adoptee in reconnection & Advocate My story @ 🎙Subscribe to The Sanctuary Radio Show                                  🔺#AlphaEtaMade🐘(#30SPR92) 💰$Wendi30 :::👸🏽::: After being falsely arrested, I changed my mindset, diet, and career and The Goddess Awakening & Healing Sanctuary revolution began. 📍JerZ girl in a DMV World 🗣Int’l Speaker 🧘🏽‍♀️Health & Wellness ✈️#WorldWideWen 🎵Former Music Exec 🌀Spirituality ☀️♏️ | 🌕 ♍️ | ⬆️ ♋️ ✍🏽🎤Contributor to Medium, AARP Sisters Newsletter, Authority Mag, DC Radio, 96.3-WHUR, 93.9-WKYS, The Afro, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition