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Hi there! 👋🏽 I’m a Founder, Corporate Consultant, Podcaster and Author. As the CEO and Founder of the Greatness Realized Brand of Companies, I consult + train both tech and non-tech corporations, looking to ▪️increase their inter-organizational communication and effectiveness, ▪️create strategies to engage and retain employees in challenging climates, ▪️and leverage podcasting to maximize their message, influence and impact with their customers. Hybrid background of communication + business. #CommunicationStrategist 🎙Podcast: Welcome To Reinvention (available on all streaming platforms) ▪️Grew to 36+ countries in under 1 year ▪️Teach Beginner + Intermediate podcasters the power of podcasting ▪️Strategies to Monetize your podcast ❤️ I teach women around the world how to increase their income, influence and impact. 🌏 📲 Social Media: ▪️Instagram: @Welcome_Sarah ▪️LinkedIn: 🌍 International Business Mentor ▪️USA ▪️Cambodia ▪️Namibia ▪️Australia ✳️ Moderator 🎯 Pitch Practice (Sunday) 🏡 CH: Learn, Connect, and Collaborate Cash App: $Welcome913 10341