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Driver Matters is fortunate to be a member of the sponsors of Notley 12TH February 2022 ChangeMaker Awards. Deep gratitude to all the drivers that drive social change through the dark time. As a small token of appreciation, Please do come to join US the private party to debut the "misInformation" TBA @South Congress Hotel on Eve of Earth Day 2022. (Private Party Date may be Subject to South Congress Hotel's VIP availability) No Time to Party? Busy saving world? No worry! Lyft + Uber Drivers are beyond welcome to stop by for a quick FREE democracy coffee refreshment and a chance to win a melting pot👈 ($375 in Value) http://democracy-matter.US Further Private Party News will be updated on partial Driver Matters social channel & maybe Clubhouse👋 Text "misInformation" to 202.642.1158 for a lottery to win your FREE ($500 in value) Private Party VIP Pass.