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May there be no more tears of world peace. 🙏🌿🕊 Sometimes playing violin 🎻 Sometimes singing🎙 Sometimes reading 📖 Most of the time listening 💓 The flame of thought can illuminate life. Listen to wise words, surround with honest and interesting people.👥 📚📖 🍵 知识让人求实,逻辑让人求是,艺术让人之为人。Knowledge makes people realistic, logic makes people seek truth, art makes people human. 西方哲学锻炼我们的头脑,东方哲学滋养我们的心灵 Western philosophy exercises our minds. Eastern philosophy nourishes our hearts. 人生唯一的不幸,就是自己的无能 The only misfortune in life is your incompetence. 内心严肃的人,生命拥有真正的高贵 There is real nobility in the life of the serious people at heart. 才智的效用远不如性格 It is not intellect that tells so much as character 头脑的效用远不如心性 not brains so much as heart 天资远不如由判断力所约束的自制、耐心与教养 not genius so much as self-control, patience, and discipline, regulated by judgment 你才是你最大的敌人 You truly are your own worst enemy 比他人优越并无任何高贵之处 There is nothing noble in being superior to some  other man 真正的高贵在于超越过去的自我 The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self 近日感悟: 🛡一个严重缺乏自信平等宽容心的人,一点点不一样的声音都会把他吓死,这个时候他会立刻撕去伪装、并露出毒牙。 🛡你以为你身边这些人都是人吗?还是带毒的动物?人和人的差别是如此之大。You think all these people around you are human? Or a poisonous animal? People are so different from each other. 🛡 My suggestion is "Don't let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out." 🛡你笑了,并不是因为生活太美好,而是因为你看到了生活的美好和不美好。同理,拒绝某些事物,无关它们的好与不好,而是因为你看到了更高远的东西。🍵🌸 旅行中🍹⛵️ 🌿 👒☀️ On the journey of life, signal good and not, just listening. ----------------------------------------- 🔒 This user has a protected profile ----------------------------------------- .