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WBC Taipei Managing Partner World Blockchain Council Taipei Awsb Family Software Product Developer Internet User Experience Observer Believe In Impact & Talent Impact Investor WBC is The Blockchain Technical Association Support by GMGC & GMIC Members Come From Global Top1000 Internet Company and Venture Capital We Support Global Blockchain Industry Technical Forum Prepare Work 5.5 years In Global Markets Taiwan Singapore Hongkong China America Europe… -Internet Investment Management App service development of Google maps & Photos API Ai Service Acquired by Groupon GRPN (NASDAQ) Lookforward the Future of a new Blockchain & Crypto World # Hashtags - Mobile internet investment management/ Entrepreneurship/ From zero to one / UIUX/ Technical Industries Investment / Innovation ESG / RE100 / Sustainability / Metaverse /NFT Telegram: wawwaa777 Wechat: wawwaa777 Email : [email protected] Skype : [email protected] PLZ Feel Free To Send Any Messages to me Swim 游泳🏄‍♂️ / Gym. 健身🏋️ / Music 音樂🎸 /Movie 電影🎬 / Travel 旅行🚀 產業房導流工具人/ 贈人玫瑰🌹手留餘香