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Kikuyu Crystal




ATL 🛸 MIA A fruit bearing tree that moves; “To be in service of love, is to be housed and kept safe by love.” 🍯 $BigBankie747 🫧 I like gay shit. Ping me into spaces that prioritize the care of Black queer and trans folks. 🫧 Pop culture 🫧 Fashion HOUSES TO FOLLOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ✳️ “Black Lesbian Well Check” @blacklesbianwc If @gottherapy don’t trust you, I’m gon 🔫 ya… 🤪 LGBT Marriage Club Daro’s Daring Productions Daro’s Daring Thoughts Podcast The Melodic Hideout Backpack Assassins Black Lesbian Community Healing Ain’t No Heaux Time is of the Essence Boi Boi Boi African Father in America The Ware Haus Empathy as Praxis Korryn’s Kabaret