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Laura Taylor




Living Vulnerably. Juicy Relationship Explorer Plant and garden lover Narcissistic Survivor-Thriver and Narcicisst Recovery Expert Seeker of the deepest truth My Superpower is ❤️LOVE❤️ Mother to three dynamic adult daughters, grandmother to a six year old and twins who are 3, friend, vulnerable and conscious partner. Unaddressed and undigested events and trauma are the cause of most mental, emotional, physical and relational ills. I learned about this the hard way. 30 years of working as a psychotherapist with individuals and families struggling with undigested traumatic events (vets, first responders, parents dealing with the death of a child, narcissistic family dynamics, etc) led me to see that many current issues have roots in earlier unaddressed events and trauma. The huge loss of my dear mother to cancer, combined with the ending of a long-standing toxic marriage to a narcissist led me to a fork in the road. It was then that I identified my 50 years of living had been loops of pain, chaos and survival with links which began before I even had words. Living Vulnerably through authentic self-connection is the way to heal and expand in the moment! Let me show you the way back to you...and a sense of inner peace and joy that you’ve forgotten was even possible! Your inner vulnerable child may feel abandoned, twisted and invisible within no longer helpful inner patterns. I have a system for untangling and realigning your internal relationship between your inner wise adult self, loving inner parent, and vulnerable child. Come learn more in my “Vulnerable Living” Facebook group! ANNOUNCING MY NEW GROUP: Register for my weekly Vulnerable Living Group. We meet each Monday night at 6:00PM PST. “Everyone and everything is connected in our entire universe on the subatomic level. What we think of as solid matter is actually energy vibrations. Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else. Some scientists have theorized that even emotions are energy, so everything we think and feel is influencing everything and everyone. Our minds are immaterial and held in the quantum field.” -Bob Monroe, The Gateway Process Report ❤️❤️❤️