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Vu Bui




Honestly I’m mostly on CH to talk about watches. 🎬 Producer of the Minecraft movie 🎗 President of the Block by Block Foundation 🎥 Director 📷 Photographer 🎙 Presenter ⌚️ watches 🚲 bikes 🏔 adventure 🎸 playing guitar poorly 🌴 Californian living in 🇸🇪 Sweden I’ve created online videos for a decade and a half and currently oversee film and video production for the Minecraft franchise at Mojang. I’ve been a professional photographer, commercial videographer, film DP, video game COO, writer and director, real estate agent, speaker at photography conferences, workshop host for photography and filmmaking, show host and stage presenter. In 2012 I helped create a partnership between Mojang and UN Habitat and together we developed a programme that uses Minecraft, the video game, to enable community participation in urban development in the global south, helping give voice to those who don’t usually have a seat at the table (mainly youth and women) when decisions are made about the future of their communities. Since 2015 I’ve been the President of the Foundation that oversees that programme. Check it out at Ask me about: - Anything I mentioned above ⬆️ - The time I was interrogated by the Director of Secret Police of Kenya - Running a non-profit - Why Sweden is an amazing place for an American to live - Why it’s easier to speak in front of 15,000 people than 15 My main Instagram account is @vubui