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Petrula Vrontikis




🎏I teach designers how to make things 🔥and how to make things happen. 🍏Professor of graphic design and professional practice at 🍊ArtCenter College of Design 🎙️Online educator though LinkedIn Learning and Chris Do's, including courses on: •☕ Freelancing •🎯Presentation skills •💡Portfolio development •📎 Small business practice •☕ How to land a dream job In the creative services industry •👻 Working with creative nomads 🚀A leading voice in graphic design, I speak at conferences, schools, and to professional organizations worldwide about 💡creative careers, the business of design, and ⌛the future of the graphic design industry. ✈️Avid traveler and 🎏visual translator. 🤿 Find me 85 feet underwater photographing 🦈 nice sharks and giant manta rays, ⛰️climbing a steep and rocky slope, or 🧘twisting my body like a pretzel in a yoga class. 💎Received an AIGA Fellows Award for raising the understanding of design within the industry and among the business and cultural communities of 🌅Los Angeles!!! My philosophy: “Practice safe design, use a concept.” Connect with me on Linkedin: