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👑King Of In Your Face Marketing! I help businesses catch 🔥 on the internet🧐 If you find someone who runs ads better than my team I’ll pay for the campaign! 🎯Former Google Campaign Manager 💵 I made Google a bunch of money so they sent me all over to teach what I did... 🏆Helping businesses choke the life out of the internet 🧠Mission: Helping businesses become that thing people can’t get out of their heads 🙏🏿God is outdoing himself in 2021 ✅8+ years marketing experience 💰$4m in revenue generated for clients in 2 years 💰1m in revenue generated for restaurants since March 2020 ✅ Google Partner Agency 📝Over 10k reviews generated for clients 🏡Purchased my first rental property at age 24 🙏🏿 Blessed to create a 6 figure ad agency 📈Client resume includes: Lafontaine Chevy Fresh patch (Seen on Shark Tank) Trailer Cash Academy Farreys lighting & Bath Orthopedic Associates Gary Mark Smith Photography Shirtmagic/Customink Addigy 🔑Partnership: Microsoft, Quicken Loans, Foot Locker & Detroit public schools 👊🏿Click below to connect with me!