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Shivva ---------




A shiny bracelet on her skin Her eyes not from here A rain droplet falling on her hair Reflecting a star from the sky That day time could not move Like a fool I watched her eternity I was no more only she was Space her body and time her jwellery I a speck of dust moving in her endless spaces Eaten by her light I was no more only she was Like a droplet of rain reflecting a star I sink into her rippling pools of bliss I disappear Her dance raptures the universe into her infinite games I an eternal fool in her eternities Her smile make the stars shine Her light filling the universe Like a tiny candle in her palms A blow of her lips and the universe dies away Even in the absence of a universe Only she exists There was never another A tiny droplet mirrors the stars Awakening I wake up into her infinite I am lost in her dance I know no other way A child seduced by her mysteries A butterfly The moon watches me play