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Dr.SiriChand Khalsa




Art for evolution 💎Creativity Dr. “Siri Chand” (2 first names) Khalsa MD MS 📓📚📖 Triple Board-certified MD: ✨ Internal Medicine ✨ Integrative Medicine (fellowship trained) ✨ Hospice/Palliative Medicine Mayo Clinic trained - Internal Medicine. Essentially curious. INFP/Manifesting Generator. Representing Chitra Nakshatra - 🌗fusing materialism and spirituality. Formed by the fire 🔥 of transformation in the school of life. 📿 @Vishuddha … dedicated to supporting authentic expression My life is the laboratory 🧘🏻: 💫 Exploring the connection to the natural world through photography 📷 and travel to healing gardens 🩺 Supporting physicians to learn Integrative Medicine/Ayurveda/tools for self healing 📞 Consultant to VCs who want to invest in the growing integrative/DPC/functional medicine sector. Councilmember GLG 🧬 Bridging intuitive design and healers to amplify voices to bring radical change to the world