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Vincent Rueb




I'll allow myself to reintroduce myself, at the very least as an artist. You've got this as long as you stay true to yourself... For those who choose to keep reading I’ll write this for me and you. I’ll allow me to reintroduce myself for me and you,at the very least as an artist. Truly, for I sign my art V3. Many have tried to break me and I’ve been broken twice. But it was me who broke me. The beauty is that I’ve built myself back to be the third version or the third iteration of me. Hence V3… I decided this version is going to live and do for more over encompass we rather them just me this is why I create art even if I don’t see it as art because I don’t see whatever everyone may see but I don’t have 2. What but our perception of it? They’re not a seed my Works says art or not. I don’t care because I still care about you no matter who you are. I can’t help it. I just do and I will continue too. Thank you for being you. We all are artists in one means or another just depends on how you see it. Looking in the mirror I see me. I ask you to make sure you’re mind yourself of and for that sentiment for what you create is beautiful, just as I believe happiness will come when you let it. Look in the mirror the reflection you’ll see you. -V3 I’m pulling, painting, coding, and creating for you rather as I am for everyone including me. I hope you do too. No thanks needed truly don’t want the attention to recognition. Although if you do thank me or see beauty in my heart, I thank you and say you’re welcome both to me and you. You got this as long as you stay true to you… Namasplay : )