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Vincent Powell




I love a good rack of ribs or some fire oxtails. Man, that would be life right now! Vision Caster | Film & TV Director | University Professor | Producer | Writer | Digital Content | TxSU Telecom, BA | USC SCA Film, MFA | Motivator | Kingdom YouTube 🎥: vincentpowell My site 📽: Socials 🎞 For media or consultation inquiries: [email protected] Moved from LA at the top of the pandemic to help revolutionize the film industry in Houston and make more opportunities underserved artist to create on bigger, better-funded projects. I have a huge passion for the cultivation of creative coworking spaces primarily for black and brown creatives, soloprenuers, and entrepreneurs. I also am doing my part to push the virtual production conversation by creating a cutting edge space in the heart of Houston. Budgets are changing, but that shouldn’t mean you erase a Super Bowl game from your script because.... where the heck do we find that many extras right now? Nah. Let’s create them. Resume: I’ve directed a feature, shorts, music videos, concerts, commercials, etc. and got my MFA from the greatest film school in the universe, USC. You pay me for my ability to navigate a terrain or solve a problem, you can’t afford to pay me for my time. And for the sake of the gear junkies out there, my day to day weapons of choice are my URSA 12K, 6KPro, C200, and EOS R. Fully migrated from Premiere to Resolve. Footnote: It is they who wield the wand that create the magic. The wand is but only a tool. Practice>Theory. $vincentmpowell