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NYC guy here . * Joined Clubhouse 10/14/2020 (season 1) . Interests: Music 🎶, travel, politics, community, volunteering, and an actual real estate professional in NYC Music heals 🎶 “The world is a beautiful place to be born into if you don’t mind happiness not always being so very much fun if you don’t mind a touch of hell now and then just when everything is fine because even in heaven they don’t sing all the time” Lawrence Ferlinghetti . . . * Joined Clubhouse 10/14/2020 and it’s been a wild ride * . Interests: Music 🎶, travel, politics, community, volunteering. I host music rooms with a community making playlists or on my own just DJing what I feel. Check my replays. It’s very diverse. Been in the app since the early days. Also a seasoned full time real estate broker in NYC for over two decades. There are beautiful souls in this app. Find them. Avoid the bad energy. 🎶🏳️‍🌈 🌍