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Vijay Pande




Founding GP, a16z bio. Founder, Folding@home. Investor, Scientist, Engineer, Author. Professor, Stanford. AI, Bio, everything in between. Co-host of “It’s Time to Heal”, a16z’s CH show on the future of bio pharma and healthcare, Mondays at 5pm PST. As the founding investor of a16z’s Bio Fund, I lead the firm’s investments at the cross section of biology and computer science, including applications in computation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in healthcare; digital therapeutics; diagnostics; and other novel transformative scientific advances applied to industry that take bio beyond healthcare. I serve on the boards of Apeel Sciences, BioAge, Ciitizen, Devoted Health, Freenome, Genesis Therapeutics, Insitro, Nautilus, Omada,, and Scribe Therapeutics. I am also an Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University, where I continue to advise the Pande Lab, focused on tackling challenging problems in chemical biology, biophysics, and biomedicine.