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Nicole Waldron




I am Revolutionary Mental Fitness Coach~ Your Iron Sharpener ⚔️ dedicated to teaching you the Victorious lifestyle secrets 🗣Advocating for family mental health caregivers and their loved ones 🗣 🏆As an award winning activist and public speaker, I host the Victory Speaks Show where my special guests share their Inspirational stories, their wisdom that help to inspire us to live a Victorious lifestyle 🎧 On the Victory Speaks podcast I share the formula on living a life of Victory 🦋 It was my son's bike accident that caused traumatic 🧠brain injury that inspired me to become a mental health advocate for Mental Heath patients and their Caregivers On Clubhouse Join me in my VictorySpeaks Clubhouse as we share on how to live a Victorious Lifestyle, Share your Victory Stories and Mental Fitness nuggets 🗣 Looking forward to connecting with like minded individuals on clubhouse. Individuals who are walking in victory, who would like to help others soar and find their victories in life. Looking forward to Connecting with family members who are caring for loved ones with a mental illness, let’s provide support an inspiration to each so we can keep moving forward positively ➡️ Additional expertise 🎭 25+ years as an Event Specialist 🎤 Hosting Events 🗣Voice Overs How to Connect 👥 Canadian 🇨🇦 Eh!