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Aaron Ross




Entrepreneur, angel investor, CEO, founder, Chairman and NED One mission, two goals: #1 >50% of the time smiling, genuinely smiling #2 Assist those around me to achieve the same Financial security and independence definitely helps but it’s not enough in isolation - CEO of Kuba - ICM mobility group - Founder of FirstCare (acquired by Marcol in 2015) - Co-founder of Cake (acquired by American Express in 2017) - Chairman of Troubadour Trust - Board advisor for 1 Million Mentors - Startup radio Passionate about youth enterprise, equity and the outdoors ⛷🛶🚴🏼 ☑️ Startups ☑️ Investing ☑️ Corparate turnaround ☑️ Payment processing Instagram and LinkedIn: veryAaron