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Don’t flirt with me. Don’t wave at me 😬 She/her/him/he/woman/man/dude/bro/them/they or call me Vero. :) just make sure you call me for dinner Most of the time I’m looking for something to listen too. Non confrontation. Conceding for the sake of joke and/or argument. Fan of a no scroll bio. Film, photo, physics, documentary, art, studio director, guitar, astronomy, cello, earth and environment, and sing. I work on not saying “and stuff like that,” and “at the end of the day…” As soon as I begin a sentence, I’m already thinking about how to end it. To view my work, check out Summa cum laude - MS STEM US Veteran - Scientist and engineer VBSS, Search and rescue, helicopters, guns, and the weather. Very very old cameras. Internationally Awarded and published documentarian Retired, self made, self sustaining, self portraits