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Podcaster WhyMe + WTF.lab. Coach, supporting you to thrive. Inspiring speaker, artist, photographer, DV/SA survivor. Disability. Single parent. Aussie girl who loves a good conversation. 🇦🇺 ♌ 🎙️ 👩🏻‍🎨 ♀️ The Adversity Queen. I support people with discovering opportunities through adversity. (A glimpse of my story WhyMe podcast episode 70). BAppSc PEHM degree RMIT. Embrace 1-1 sessions to support you. Consistently Top 2.5% podcast on Listen notes. “Uncensored artwork creates uncensored conversation and we need more of both” - Vera-Lee on Reclaim me podcast. WTF.lab podcast - grow while you shrink - 80kgs and counting …… Inspire. Connect. Empower. Podcasts coaching support #whymemovement #chewtheflab #flabtalks #adversityistheniche #whymegirl #whyme #wtflab